The Handy Crew Story

Mar - 07

The Handy Crew Story

The Handy Crew represents the highest choice of excellence in services, execution and craftsmanship.
In 2008 the owners of Pleasantville Property Maintenance decided to expand their maintenance team for Rental Agencies and this is where Pleasantville Property Maintenance established it's high standard reputation. Pleasantiville Property Maintenance expanded the company in order to cover both commercial and residential aspects of property maintenance and renovations.

In 2016, the previous owners of Pleasantville Property Maintenance decided to sell their company and so Pleasantville Property Maintenance changed ownership in November 2016.

Making sure that we provide the same level of expertise that all Pleasantville Property Maintenance client's were accustomed to, we decided to rebrand Pleasantville Property Maintenance into the Handy Crew.

At The Handy Crew we still make sure that we provide you with the same level of expertise that you have become accustomed to, and are excited to announce that we will also be expanding with exciting new product offerings.

We are currently situated in Gorgons Bay, Cape Town and work within the Helderberg Basin area.

Our key to success is our relationship with clients in meeting their needs as quickly as possible, with the highest quality work.

We provide quotations promptly and at reasonable prices. This allows for a smooth maintenance process that controls job costs, timely scheduling, completion and quality control.

The Handy Crew Property Maintenance business culture is based upon team work. We believe in the concept of team work that allows individuals to attain success by getting fulfillment from the group's overall success rather than by individual performance.

The Handy Crew Property Maintenance believes in being fully present and accountable for every process of a maintenance job. We believe that every working site should be treated as one of out own properties, treating it with respect and care.

With continued growth and the need to maintain accurate scheduling and quality control measures, The Handy Crew Property Maintenance has assembled teaming agreements with several local sub-contractors which enables us to effectively manage a multi-disciplinary team which can help you with any and all property maintenance requirements.

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