Our Top Tools That You Should Have in Your Home

Sep - 14

Our Top Tools That You Should Have in Your Home

A well-equipped is essential for doing odd jobs around the house. The problem lies in knowing what tools to purchase when you build your first DIY toolbox. Here are the tools that we recommend everyone should have in their toolbox at home.

  • SCREWDRIVERS: Aim to purchase a kit with both flat- and Phillip-head screwdrivers in a variety of sizes that falls within your budget. When deciding on which set to buy, look for handle comfort and a magnetic tip.
  • CLAW HAMMER: A hammer is a must for all toolboxes. The one end of the claw hammer is used to drive nails into a surface, while the other is to pull nails out of a surface. While hammers with a wood handle tend to be more budget-friendly, hammers with rubber, plastic, or vinyl handles tend to absorb the shock better.
  • PLIERS: Pliers can be used for many things when the correct one is bought. When looking for a pliers choose locking, adjustable pliers. Because they lock in place, you can use them as a clamp and a wire cutter.
  • ADJUSTABLE WRENCH: Having an adjustable wrench is like having multiple wrenches in one. Wrenches are used to tighten and loosen nuts, bolts, and also plumbing fixtures.
  • TAPE MEASURE: You will need a tape measure to ‘measure twice, cut once’. A tape measure is used to make sure things like your furniture will fit into a room, or to measure blinds and curtains.
  • LEVEL: Avoid crooked shelves! A level will ensure that you do not hang anything less than horizontally perfect.
  • UTILITY KNIFE/LEATHER MAN: A leather man is a man’s best friend in the tool box. From prying open lids, opening boxes, and even sharpening pencils, the leather man is a toolbox workhorse.
  • TORCH: A torch should be a house staple especially when there is a strong chance of a blackout. A torch will help you see if those areas that have very low light or no light at all.
  • ELECTRIC DRILL: Although you can go without a drill for a while, or borrow one from a friend, eventually you will need one for yourself. Once you have one, you will wonder how you ever got the job done without one. Although more convenient, the cordless drills can be slightly more expensive.
  • Hacksaw: A hacksaw cuts through wood and even metal and plastic pipes. Look for one where you can easily replace the blades.

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