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The Handy Crew Team is a highly skilled and motivated team of specialists in their fields. Have you already acquired all the materials for your project? The Handy Crew team can do the work and we will only charge for labour. Please contact us to find out more about our services or to request a quote.

Jaco - Owner
Jaco has been in the repairs and maintenance industry for the last 10 years. With his vast experience in the Body Corporate environment and private home renovations Western Cape Handy Crew can assist with almost any industry related request. He also assist with assessments privately and with the insurance industry. 
Maryna - Office Manager
Maryna is a huge asset to Western Cape Handy Crew with her administration experience and excellent people skills. Record keeping is important in any industry, especially in the repairs and maintenance sector to assist with any queries related to work done and in this, Maryna is top of her class. She owns two degrees and is a huge asset to the company.

Jacques - Crew Member
Don't be deceived by his boyish looks...Jacques is an old hand when it comes to specialised foundations and construction works. His experience in this industry is a great asset to the Western Cape Handy Crew and when a project requires any construction, foundation or plaster works, Jacques is your crew member to have on board.
Boeta - Crew Member
Boeta is an energetic crew member and is always ready with a plan. He is our expert tiller and has completed some amazing projects to date. Our clients ask for him by name if they have any tiling projects to be done. He is an old hand at general repairs and maintenance and is a great asset to the company. True to his trade, he does not like heights. 
Freddy - Crew Member
Freddy is our expert painter and does this with his signature smile. He heads up all our painting projects and has proven himself to be the best. His attention to detail is amazing and his years of experience can be noticed on every project.   
Knowledge - Crew Member
Our man of mystery and many talents. No job is too much effort for Knowledge. Always on a "drafstappie" - hard to slow the man down! Knowledge is our newest crew member and his expertise is tested on a daily basis. Very humble, he assist with every task at hand. 
Deon - Crew Member
Deon is an allrounder and his variety of skills comes in handy when many different repairs needs to be handled on one site. His attention to detail is impressive and he always stands ready to assist with a smile. Deon is always ready with a plan in any situation. 

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