Podcast 8: Roofing and dampness
9 February 2024

Address roof problems by hiring accredited contractors.
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Podcast 7: Maintenance of carports, patio's and roof.
2 February 2024

Ensuring house plans are up to date for carports, patio's and roof construction. Our professional tips will help you stay on the right track.
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Podcast 6: Pre-Winter Maintenance
26 January 2024

Prepare for winter with a thorough pre-winter inspection.
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Podcast 5: DIY home improvement: Flooring
19 January 2024

We focus on the transformative world of flooring.
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Podcast 4: DIY home improvement: Minor upgrades for great results
12 January 2024

Enter into the world of interior rejuvenation with transformations for walls and ceilings, techniques for cleaning grout, and the application of silicone grouting in bathrooms.
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Podcast 3: DIY home improvement: Cracks, Doors and Windows
15 December 2023

Embarking on a journey of DIY home improvement, focusing on crucial aspects like addressing cracks, optimizing doors, and refining windows.
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Podcast 2: DIY Tips for home improvements
8 December 2023

a DIY Home Improvement Podcast, with Jaco Brits from Handy Crew and Tertius Visser from Paramount Roofing.
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Podcast 1: Roof Maintenance
1 December 2023

Join seasoned experts Jaco Brits from Handy Crew and Tertius Visser from Paramount Roofing as they unravel the secrets to a resilient roof.
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Hiring a Contractor Without Insurance - What Are The Risks?
25 May 2023

Before hiring a contractor, you should make sure that the contractor has adequate general liability insurance coverage.
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Dampness in walls - Causes and Prevention
28 October 2022

Dampness inside walls is generally caused by water that has penetrated through wall cracks, open Weepholes and unsealed wall tops and the lack of dampcouse (black plastic sheeting) between foundation and floor slab.
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What is a Weephole?
7 October 2022

Every residential and commercial structure with cavity walls should have Weepholes in the outer skin of the structure
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That dreaded inspection list when tenants give notice?
3 March 2022

Western Cape Handy Crew can assist with small repairs and maintenance when needed at short notice
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Summer is upon us
21 January 2022

There are plenty of things you can do to keep your home cool. Here are some great ideas to keep your home cool and comfortable.
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Exterior Wall Cracks on Plastered Surfaces
10 January 2022

Exterior wall cracks on plastered surfaces: what causes it and how can it be repaired?
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Paint Colour Trends for 2022
13 December 2021

2022 - the year for new beginnings. The colours we surround ourselves with can directly impact our emotions. And after two uncertain years, the year 2022 will be a turning point to colour our homes and create spaces of inspiration.
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Kitchen Trends for 2022
19 November 2021

What are the new kitchen trends for 2022? Read this except from Homes and Gardens to reveal the key looks and innovations for the new year.
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Dealing with the Damp Problem
18 November 2021

Damp is usually found in walls, ceilings or floors of your house. Handy Crew can advise you on how to fix these damp issues.
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Summer Maintenance - your checklist
7 October 2021

Not looking forward to spending the summer fixing up your home? Follow our Summer Home Maintenance checklist and let Handy Crew assist you with your maintenance
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How Much Should You Budget for Home Repairs?
5 October 2021

Homeownership is a big responsibility with equally big costs, but how much should you set aside for home repairs?
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32 Things to do when selling your home
1 August 2021

Want to make your home in tip-top shape for prospective buyers? Now is the time to fix all of those nagging things that you just lived with.
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Vinyl vs. Laminate Flooring
22 July 2021

Which type of flooring will suit you best? Follow our comparative guidelines to help you decide.
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Introducing Rent-A-Crew
1 July 2021

Not have enough time for those small home repairs and maintenance? Handy Crew introduces Rent-A-Crew
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Did your insurance company reject your claim?
25 June 2021

Did your insurance company reject your claim for natural events such as storm damages, flooding etc., of your home?
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Kitchen make-overs on a budget
3 June 2021

The Kitchen is the heart-beat of every home.. Follow our recommendations for your kitchen make-over on a budget
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The Advantages of a PVC Ceiling
25 May 2021

PVC works particularly well in kitchens and bathrooms, where steam can cause mould. Read about the advantages of PVC vs. Gypsum ceilings.
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Gutters and Downpipes
6 May 2021

The rainy season has arrived and with much needed rain comes the headaches of failed gutter systems.
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