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Within Handy Crew we have an expert in all of the fields mentioned below. By selecting the expert crew members to execute each individual project we can guarantee excellent workmanship, and professional service to our clients.

As the preferred contractor to many Sectional Title schemes, Handy Crew complies with the safety standards as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993, and it's regulations. This in itself does not indemnify the body corporate from its responsibility to comply with the Construction Regulations of 2003, and the Occupational Health and Safety Act. It is recommended that the trustees take active steps to ensure that the health and safety specifications are prepared and that, during the course of the renovations, Handy Crew and our employees comply with such specifications and plans.

Handy Crew works closely with the trustees of the body corporates where we are contracted, with open communication and transparency.

Each project carries a guarantee and therefore we only use top quality materials and the correct equipment. Please contact us to find out more about our services or to request a quote.


  • Do you need someone to fix that leaking tap, seal a window, change a light bulb etc?
  • Don’t have time to do home repairs and - maintenance?
  • Are you a landlord?
Then Western Cape Handy Crew is the company to call. Big or small we do it all.

Western Cape Handy Crew's “Rent-A-Crew’ provides the DIY man or woman with skilled assistance where needed for home maintenance. This concept is aimed at the stay at home, or working from home person, who does not have the time, knowledge or correct tools for home maintenance and repairs.

The Crew all have many years of experience in their respective fields. Crew has been verified and are multi-skilled. Specific tradesmen can also be booked. The costs all depend on the level of skills needed. Crew’s can be booked for an hour, 2 hours of a full day at an hourly rate. You have the option to buy the materials, and the Crew provide the skills and labour at an hourly rate.

Western Cape Handy Crew will initially offer the ‘rent-a-crew’ service in the Helderberg area only.

What to expect:
  • When booking a general maintenance crew for a list of small repairs and maintenance items, the Crew will consist of 2 x Crew members, with complete toolboxes to handle small maintenance work.
  • The more specified Crews are equipped with their specific trade tools and equipment, and consist of 2 to 4 Crew members, depending on the scale of the project.
  • Western Cape Handy Crew can also provide tradesmen for larger ‘owner managed’ renovations and repairs
  • This option is targeted at very specific clients with short term assistance needs from specific skilled trades
  • Clients can also consider Western Cape Handy Crew management to oversee small projects on their behalf if they are staying remote from their projects
Please contact us to discuss your requests and needs to assist us in providing you with the correct skills for your project, large or small.

Important Notice

Western Cape Handy Crew (Pty) Ltd COVID-19 Protocol and preventative measures:

Western Cape Handy Crew staff has taken certain preventative measures that includes the following:
  • Daily temperature checks for all staff
  • Wearing of masks at all times
  • Each Crew member has been issued his/her own hand sanitizer
  • Daily training and talks with all Crew members
  • All vehicles are sanitised prior to every trip and we try where possible to keep social distance
  • All tools are sanitised after use
We respect our staff and our valued clients and trust that we all adhere to general regulations and advice. Should a client find that they have a potential positive case of COVID-19 in their place of residence and or place of work, please notify us immediately for us to put measurements in place. Should Handy Crew find during our protocols that one of the staff members are possibly infected we will inform our clients and will follow the set Government protocols

We thank you for your continuous trust in our workmanship and wish you all a safe and healthy recovery period during the COVID-19 containment processes.


Large wall cracks on the exterior of a wall is a sure way to let water into the interior and can cause extensive damages over a period of time. It is best to have a professional company repair the cracks in the correct way as soon as possible. Our Crew has a good understanding regarding possible damages and is able to repair these cracks professionally.

The Crew has vast experience on different styles of tiling and materials used. Tiling a surface is one of the most noticeable items in a room and must reflect style and quality of workmanship.
Handy Crew take on smaller building works such as additions to your existing property, exterior or interior fireplaces, boundary walls and foundation re-enforcement. Rising damp excavations and water proofing on exterior walls has also been carried out with great success. Visit us with your planned additions and or alterations for expert advise and sharing of the Crew’s vast experience.
Any kind of ceiling can be installed and or repaired. The Crew has experience in the following types of ceilings:
  • Standard rhino board ceilings
  • Shadow line ceilings
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Raised ceilings
  • Floating ceilings
  • Special design ceilings
  • NuTek ceilings
  • PVC and Isoboard ceilings
  • Wooden ceilings
Any repairs or replacements of the above ceiling types can be done with great success
Be it at your residence, office or rental property, renovations is always a major disruption. Renovations can be fun and a great experience if an accredited company with vast experience and a passion for their work is used.

Our Crew is passionate and the owner, as well as managers are personally involved in all renovation projects. Let Handy Crew show you how to conduct your next renovation stress and disappointment free. Please visit our Projects page for visuals on present and past projects that Handy Crew were involved in.
If your property is always correctly maintained you should not get any costly surprises out of the blue. Property maintenance is like servicing your car every year and it adds value to your property should you want to sell it one day.

Handy Crew does repairs and planned maintenance to properties, interior as well as exterior - to a height of 3 storeys.

Our Crew is trained by professional Health and Safety officers and we practice that on every site we work on.

Talk to us to put your property under a proper maintenance plan that suits your budget. Handy Crew also specialises in Body Corporate’s 10-year maintenance schedules and have vast experience to adopt and re-cost your planned maintenance.
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