The Handy Crew specializes in basic building renovations, general interior improvements, handyman services, plumbing, electrical, painting, deep cleaning services & carpet cleaning.

The Handy Crew believes in being fully present and accountable for every process of a maintenance job. We believe that every working site should be treated as one of our own properties, treating it with respect and care.

With continued growth and the need to maintain accurate scheduling and quality control measures, The Handy Crew Property Maintenance has assembled teaming agreements with several local sub-contractors which enables us to effectively manage a multi-disciplinary team.

We pride ourselves in professional and quality work.

You name it. We do it. 

SMALL BUILDING RENOVATIONS such as kitchen renovations, home extensions, and bathroom improvements.
PROPERTY MAINTENANCE for rental tenants, owners, and body corporates, as well as private residence.
PAINTING for both interior and exterior of a property.
TILING in all areas of your home.
WATERPROOFING of everything from your roof to your shower.
SMALL MAINTENANCE items that you might not have the DIY knowledge to do yourself. This includes replacing light fittings, changing locks, replacing window hinges, and realigning cupboard doors.
ROOF REPAIRS that include replacing broken/damaged tiles, and gutters.
PLUMBING in your bathroom, kitchen, and outdoors.
DEEP CLEANING when you or a tenant are moving in or out of your home or property. This includes deep carpet cleaning.

Contact us for a speedy and reasonable quote for your property maintenance need.