Kitchen Pantry Idea
Tired of bending down, looking for groceries hidden away in corner cupboards?

Our client in Somerset West wanted a very versatile pantry, with drawers. Handy Crew designed and specially manufactured this pantry to fit into their current kitchen.
The pantry has wide opening doors, for drawers to be pulled out completely.
Painting a knotty pine ceiling
Our client wanted the old knotty pine ceilings painted in white. It made a huge difference to the look and feel of the room.
The ceilings was painted as well as the walls.
Balau wood for patio deck
Our client in Somerset West, had an unused space / patio roof and decided to install decking which can now be used as a patio during our lovely summer months gazing into the sunset from the new patio.

What is balau wood:
Balau is a durable hardwood, sourced from Indonesia.
Balau has a rich, medium to dark brown colour and is rich in tropical oils which can be retained with a good natural sealant.
If correctly installed and maintained, this hardwood can retain a beautiful light grey surface from exposure to the sun.

Suitable for use as exterior decking, often used within the Western Cape.

Phone HandyCrew for all your decking requirements.

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Waterproofing and Roof repairs
We have been inundated with calls from clients who wants to / already installed solar pannels and now there is roof leaks after the installation.

What HandyCrew does is the following:

Prior to the actual installation, the brackets must be installed by the solar technician,
We then come and waterproof around the brackets and once the roof is repaired and waterproofed the solar pannels may be installed and
connected by the solar techintian.

This way the client will be worry free of future water leaks which may cause damage to the ceilings etc.
HandyCrew does a thorough inspection of the roof and can also repair missing tiles / fix roof valleys and ridges / fix gutters etc while we are on-site.
Bathroom enhanced for disabilities
A bathroom renovated for a disabled person prioritizes accessibility and safety.

Features like grab bars, roll-in showers, and raised toilets enhance independence and comfort. Non-slip flooring and adjustable fixtures ensure usability for individuals with varying mobility needs, fostering a more inclusive space. 

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Making a house a home
Our client in Somerset West contracted Handy Crew to be responsible for their complete home renovation.

With a few clever changes, the whole house is now a home...

Walls were broken out to make space for a pantry, the bathroom layouts were changed and a patio was added to extend the lounge area.

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Vinyl Click Flooring
Handy Crew installed this Vinyl Click Flooring for a client this week – look at the stunning results!

What is click vinyl plank flooring?

It is vinyl floor that works in the same way as a laminated floor. Each vinyl plank simply ‘click’ into each other. Due to this thickness, a click vinyl floor is more forgiving of being laid over imperfect surfaces, so you might not need to worry about putting down underlayment, something that’s recommended with glue-down vinyl floors. It can also be laid directly over most surfaces, including cement, granite, tile, laminate and more, saving you time and the inconvenience of removing old tiles.

This type of flooring is an ideal choice for homeowners who want affordable, convenient, durable and water-resistant flooring. It’s also suitable for any room, including kitchens and bathrooms. Due to the extra thickness of the planks, this type of flooring also tends to be softer and more comfortable to walk on – and it doesn’t get as cold as real wood or tile during the winter.

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Indoor Braai
The client wanted an indoor braai area, in the before and after photo's you can see the braai is now where there use to be a small window.
Our client also wanted a polyurethane ceiling installed to complete the look and at the same time provide insulation.

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Vintage Bathroom Renovation
Our client in Somerset West wanted a ‘vintage’ looking bathroom….this is the final result.

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Room Make-over

Here, we replaced the carpets with laminate floors, and the cupboard doors with new, modern looking doors.

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Unsightly Outside Taps

Our client wanted to make the unsightly outside taps a little more appealing. The Handy Crew team installed the tiles around the taps giving it a beautiful finish.

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Shower Make-over
Shower make-over for a client
Aluminium gutter innovation
Covering an exposed geyser
The client wanted to close an unsightly geyser and Handy Crew came up with the suggestion to close the geyser with handiplanks.

Check the result!
Ceiling Installation with skylight
Our client wanted more light in this room - check out the result. 
Renovation of pergola, stairs and carport
The client was fed-up with the wooden pergola that needed constant maintenance with our extreme Cape weather. The challenge was to give the client an upgraded and more modern looking pergola and stairs that still had a wooden structure look, without using actual wood, with less maintenance.

The carport - insects were nesting in the wooden latches. The main beams was kept in place and we constructed a ceiling surface with wood and cement board.

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Bathroom Renovation

Previously this bathroom was split into two separate rooms, with the shower and bath in one room and the loo separate.

We removed the wall between the two rooms to create one large full bathroom with all new tiles, fittings and sanitaryware.

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Painting on Tiles
Our client wanted to update the look of the guest bathroom and her kitchen to something more modern, but she did not want to go through the headaches and heartaches of breaking down or removing of tiles….it is dusty and messy. She chose to have the existing tiles repainted in a grey and white colour.

Check out this outcome…what a difference a change in tile colour made to this bathroom.

If you consider painting on tiles rather call out the professionals to do it - call Handy Crew. We can paint on any tiles.
Brand-new Kitchen
A brand-new kitchen for a happy Handy Crew customer
Getting ready to sell

Make-over of rental property to get it ready to sell.

The reparations and repainting of the exterior are completed. The interior renovations are in progress.

New Shower
Out with the old and in with the new with a new shower for this bathroom
Mosquito Nets

Our client wanted mosquito nets installed. It was custom-made with a PVC frame - which is also more durable - and fitted his PVC window frames. A PVC frame was build and the mosquito nets were inserted into the PVC frame. The frame was then installed in front of the doors and windows.

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Revamping a staircase
Fixing chipped edges and resurfacing with fresh paint gave this set of stairs a new lease on life.
Floating Shelves
More and more clients are asking Handy Crew to install floating shelves.

The advantage of floating shelves is that it will safe space in your bedroom, kitchen or lounge. Floating shelves in kitchens are becoming more popular. You can also display 'knick-knacks' or precious items, books or cutlery .
Vanity with hidden drawer
Our client wanted to have a more sleek look, and Handy Crew came up with the idea to hide one drawer in the vanity for smaller things like make-up, etc.
Renovation Project Gordons Bay

A brown brick house was transformed in this large-scale renovation project in Gordons Bay.

For protection against the strong wind, a glass enclosure was placed at the front door.

A glass railing was also installed on the balconies for an unobstructed view of the ocean.

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New life for an old gate
An old wooden gate was beautifully restored.
Factory revamp for new tenants

Handy Crew was tasked to repair and renovate a factory in the Helderberg in preparation for new tenants moving in.

Enclosed Patio
Our client wanted a closed patio - with the weather conditions in the Western Cape, one must make use of all the space you can.

This open patio was closed-up with a stucco floor and folding aluminium stack doors. Our client can now use this space at all times: for a braai, as a dining room or a lounge, etc.
Old carpets? Go with Laminate Flooring
We changed these worn out carpets in a bedroom with laminate flooring in the customer's colour of choice. It made such a huge difference and is much more hygienic and easy to clean.
New Facia Boards
Living close to the ocean / wind and weather conditions in the Western Cape might damage your facia boards.

Call Handy Crew for a quote to install new facia boards
New PVC Ceiling replaces old gypsum ceiling

PVC works particularly well in kitchens and bathrooms, where steam can cause mould.

Read the article on the advantages of PVC Ceilings

Small Bathroom Made "Bigger"
The client was very specific and wanted a bath and shower fitted into the rather small bathroom.
Handy Crew has come up with a great solution.
Guest Loo Revamp

The old toilet in this guest loo was leaking and Handy Crew was asked to replace it and at the same time to remove all the tiles and the old basin and taps.

After we installed the new loo and laid down these beautiful new tiles, the client finished it off with wainscoting and added a new cabinet, basin and taps.

Storage Solution for Gas Bottle
This gas bottle storage box was made for a client in Somerset West. The box is made of steel which is then galvanised and covered with "handy planks".
The client could choose the colour finish to match the colour of his home.

If you are interested in an elegant storage solution for your gas bottle, contact us for a quote.
Shadow line ceiling at a well known establishment in Paarl
Our client wanted a very stylish and sleek shadow line ceiling.
Sliding Doors
Out with the old, in with the new!
Today’s homes are much smaller, and we would like to utilize our space to it’s full potential. Normally en-suite bathrooms can get quite crampy if you want to add a door for privacy as well.
We have just the solution for you. A sliding door!!
Benefits are that it uses less space and can have a mirror or just a normal door.
Contact Handy Crew for a custom made sliding door that suits your style and budget.
Staircase and passage revamp

A tiled staircase and passage were revamped with gray and white vinyl and new skirtings.

The same vinyl was also installed in the passage to match the laminated floors in the rooms.

Patio installation with insulation board

Handy Crew installed a patio for one of our clients using insulation board as a bulk insulator, that prevent the transfer of heat through conduction and convection, which enable temperatures to be more stable.

Now our client can use his patio any time of the year, day or night.

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Stack Repairs as part of the 10 year maintenance at Body Corporates
New indoor fire place
Wooden Fence for a Body Corporate in Strand
This wall was created to give the residence more privacy and a rustic look and feel to their surroundings. 
New fireplace chimney added
The client wanted a new indoor fireplace with an outside chimney.
Patio wooden beam refurbishment
Wooden floor plank tiles look-a-like
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